DasGro Hair Formula Review: Does it work or is it a scam?

Aging is not fun. I’ve pretty much had great hair my whole life up until about 33 when I started noticing my hair began to thin. Any time I brushed my hair or got out of the shower I saw more of my hairs coming out. This went on for a few years when I finally decided it was time to do something about it. I knew if I didn’t I would soon have bald spots and I wasn’t about to let that happen.

I did a tremendous amount of research on different treatments and after reading some horror stories related to unnatural products I decided to pursue a natural solution instead. That’s how I found a product named Das Gro Hair Formula.

So what is DasGro? In a nutshell, it is designed to stop hair loss, repair hair follicles and grow back new hair. I found out that this product contains only natural ingredients, both herbal as well as vitamins.  These ingredients are supposed to work together to block DHT which is the main cause of hair loss for many people. After the product has some time to work it is supposed to grow back new hair.

But is this true or just some scam? I did read plenty of reviews and many people claimed great results. To me it sounded like a bunch of hype but I decided I would test it out and see for myself.

I ordered through their website and decided I would give it a full 3 months since that seemed to be the magic number to see great results.

Using the free shipping option the product arrived in 6 business days. Each bottle contained 60 pills and the instructions said to take 2 daily. The pills were relatively small and easy to swallow. I started taking DasGro immediately after it arrived. After 2 weeks I didn’t really notice much but towards the 3rd week I did start noticing small improvements in my hair. It seemed to be growing a little faster than usual and looked a little fuller. My hair loss decreased just ever so slightly which was very encouraging.

During this time I noticed no side effects. I also seemed to have better energy throughout my day. But back to my hair… the product started to really kick in towards the end of my second month. I was losing almost no hair in the shower and an area that had thinned out pretty badly started to grow in new hair and looked much thicker! At this point I was convinced; it was most certainly working for me.

I ended up ordering another 3 bottles and completed a full 6 months. My hair has drastically changed for the better during this time. The hair loss is gone, hair growth is apparent and people are noticing the difference. I now take DasGro about twice a week and my hair is not falling back out which means I can eventually stop taking it and keep all my hair!

I was skeptical and didn’t think the product would work. I also tried other products before DasGro and they didn’t even come close to the results I saw with this.

My favorite part is that I didn’t have to apply any creams or oils to my scalp, I just took the 2 pills a day. It made things very easy and it worked better than what I expected.

Who knows, this may not work for everyone but it certainly worked for me and I tried several other products too (I’ll upload those reviews soon). If you’re looking for a natural solution then definitely check out DasGro Hair Formula. You can learn more about them at www.dasgro.com

If you have any questions or want to share you experience please leave it in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “DasGro Hair Formula Review: Does it work or is it a scam?

  1. Steve Robinson

    Hi Alisa,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve just started to take this and I am about two weeks in. I am a guy in my 30′s with hair loss on the crown and I am starting to see tiny hairs coming in! I am 100% sure they weren’t there before. I can’t believe I found something that is actually working on my stubborn hair loss and wanted to thank you for sharing your story which helped me find this product. Thanks again.

  2. Tiana H.

    This product does work, I am now on my 6th bottle! I am a black female and have been suffering from hair loss for YEARS. i have tried EVERYTHING. You name it, I’ve most likely tried it and this has got to be the only product that ever did anything for me. I am glad its working for other people as well!!!

    1. Latoya

      Hi i don’t know how old these reviews are but i have a question. I just started the pills today & it turned my urine a bright yellow. Did it happen to you?

      1. Alisa Jones Post author

        Hi Latoya,

        It did a bit, I did ask my doctor about it last time I was there and he told me it’s normal with pills that contain vitamins and that it is nothing to worry about.

  3. Aaron

    After I read your story I decided to try this too. I feel like I found a miracle product because I am only 2 weeks in and I am seeing hair around my temples coming back in with new hairs. It’s unbelievable how great this is working already. This is my first natural product I’ve tried for my hair loss and I would never thought in a million years it was going to work this well. Just some info about me……. I am a man in my 40′s and have been slowly losing my hair since my late 20′s. I tried rogaine with no success so I wasn’t really expecting this to work either… so far I am impressed.

    1. Alisa Jones Post author

      Hi Gina,

      I can only speak from my own experience and it definitely worked for me. I am sure it’s different for everyone but from what I understand they offer a 90 day guarantee so you can try it out without the risk. If you have any specific questions I would contact DasGro (http://www.dasgro.com) and see what they say. Best of luck to you!

    2. Selma

      To Gina there was a 72 year old man on the websites testimonies and he said it worked for him – I am going to try this product just because of the reviews, testimonies and the ingredients – God Bless!

  4. Rebecca Smith

    This is so easy to take compared to a few other things I’ve tried. I am now on month 2 and can see a difference in hair health and fullness. My friend has complimented me yesterday and asked me what I am doing different as of late. It’s a great feeling to receive a compliment and tells me this is working.

  5. Jess

    natural products alwyas worked great for me. putting chemicals in ur hair is counter productive and this is one of the few effective hair loss remedies that isn’t full of chemicals. I know because ive been using it for over a year now and my husband uses it too. both of us have seen an amazing improvement over the year and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

  6. rob

    ha! i use this too, it’s funny to see it’s getting more popular. I guess that’s normal because this is probably one of the best hair loss remedies i have used. my hair loss was pretty advanced and this helped bring back 70% of my lost hair. girlfriend loves that i have more hair now, says i look much better.

  7. Gwen

    I started losing my hair from menopause and alopecia at 50 I tried everything also so one day looking on the internet to find out what I could use for thinning and balding and it was coming out by the hand full also. When searching on the internet I came accross Dasgro and decided I would try this. I am on my second week and in the center and on the side I was real thin and kind of ball each day now since I started taking it I can actually see hair and its thick if this didnt work I would be writing a different story I was so happy that I started crying because I was happy and not sad about product that I had bought and it wasn’t working. I started off with just one bottle because I wanted to see if it would work and it does my daughter is 33 and her hair was thinning and coming out on the sides I am going to tell her about this so she can order some. So I don’t know if it will work for everybody but its working for me and oh I am 55 and I think it might work for someone older try it and see.

  8. roeshelle

    I am into week number 5 of taking this product and I am totally satisfied with the results that I am seeing. I am a 51 year young African American woman and within the past year I have experienced rapid hair loss, so I decided to try this all natural product and I am so glad that I did Das gro…..Das work I really love this stuff and I would highly recommend this to anyone suffering with hair loss issues.

  9. Karen Calabro

    Well I have tried Everything there is to try For thinning hair.. I just started my second bottle and am noticing my hair is looking Thicker and growing faster! I am a 47 yr old woman and had Very thick and Blonde wavy hair.. I also blow dry and use a lot of product in it everyday.. I started menopause and also have been on pain medication for Years due to a serious back problem.. I noticed my hair thinning and falling out like crazy especially by my temples and the sides and would cry everyday I showered and had to do my hair!! I use to actually have to get the top of my hair thinned out in my 20′s & 30′s and could not IMAGINE ever asking my hair dresser to do that NOW!!! So Like I said started my 2nd bottle this week and I will keep you updated.. I figured with buying 3 bottles and a money back if not satisfied what did I have to lose except More Hair! Keeping my fingers crossed and praying this is the miracle I have been looking For!!! I do notice alot less hair in the drain when I shower now so that’s a Great sign and the company says be patient and should start to notice after your second to 3rd bottle so We shall see! :) And yes it does turn your urine very Yellow! As most vitamins do..

  10. Joan

    I just started using Dasgro a week ago and I’m really hoping it will work for me too.
    I have tried other hair products which never work, I also very recently started getting the steroid injections on my scalp because my dermatologist assured me this might help. My hair loss happen very suddenly in space of two month after losing my dad.
    not sure whats going on right now but I’m praying that my hair will grow back.
    I will keep you all posted on my result.

  11. Mirna

    Hi i started using Das Gro 3 weeks ago. I am 39 and I believe hair loss was from extreme stress for the past 2 years. Every time i showered or combed my hair i would pull out tons of hair. I normally had thick hair with minimal hair loss BUT now it is even more stressful to see the loss. I have to say I have not been on Das Gro that long but i have noticed less hair loss. I will continue to take for the next 2 months and update as well.

  12. Al Smith

    Great review Alisa!!!!!

    I started this product a month ago, and it truly is a miracle! I started noticing extreme hair loss about a month ago due to some medications I was taking for a neurological disorder, I was removing GIANT clumps from my drain and my hair brushes everyday (and I too had always had great hair). So all this nonsense scared the crap out of me, so I had to figure something out, and Hair, Skin, and Nails was doing nothing. So I started doing research, reading through all the reviews, found yours and here I am. EVER SO THANKFUL!!!!!!! No more hair loss, tons of hair growing in, and it’s growing SO fast! Thank you thank you thank you (oh yeah, and let’s not forget Dasgro)!!!!!!! :)

  13. Marge

    I’m a 66 yr old woman with Shoulderlength hair. It had started thinning after menopause and I had lost my hair in the temple area and it was thinning all over.
    I tried minoxidil from Walmart which was inexpensive and it did work but only for about two years. After that time all the new growth seemed to be falling out. My doctor told me I had female pattern baldness.
    I decided to try this product and I am about halfway throughmy third bottle. I have loads of new hair growth! If everything that is coming through now doesn’t fall out when it’s 3 to 4 inches long I will be absolutely thrilled!! So I would say at this point, this product definitely is working for me!! Right now I am about to order three more bottles..(free shipping when you buy three bottles or more.)


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